How to get rid of fleas by Robert George Tronge

Fleas are a real bothersome.  Anyone that has gone through a flea infestation knows how difficult it is to get rid of them once you have them in your house.  Robert George Tronge sure knows this. The first thing to do is to get your cat or dog on a monthly preventative and epically one that kills the eggs.  If you do not kill the eggs they will continue to hatch and multiply.  Some other steps you can take is to sweep and vacuum the floor daily.  The flea can only jump 7 inches which limits their activity to the floor.  By vacuuming up the eggs and larva daily you greatly reduce the number of adults that are produced.  Robert Tronge says to buy yourself a flea comb and run it through the fur of your pet, removing fleas, eggs and their larva.  You can squirt some dawn dish soap into a bowel of water that place the live fleas into it to drown them.  The soap lower the surface tension of the water and makes it so the flea cannot swim at the surface.

If you have outdoor animals you may want to treat the lawn surrounding your house to kill the fleas living there that may hitch a ride on your pet when they return to your home.  Another option according to Robert G. Tronge is to simply not let you pet outside anymore.  Some difficulties you may have if you keep them indoor is once they are exposed to the joys of roaming the outdoor world, they will probably not be too content to be locking in the house.  It may be a challenge to keep them inside and you will have to watch the door when you come and go.  You may also experience some meowing or barking at the door as they try to get back outside.  I had one cat that tore a hole in the screen because he wanted outside.





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